Guaranteed Goals by Jon Acuff
Guaranteed Goals by Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff

Welcome to my Guaranteed Goals Community...

the surprisingly fun system and support you need to win every goal for just a dollar a day.

What if you could guarantee the success of ALL your goals?

  • The book you want to write? Guaranteed.
  • The weight you want to lose? Guaranteed
  • The language you want to learn? Guaranteed.
  • The business you want to start? Guaranteed.
  • The business you want to scale? Guaranteed.
  • The podcast you want to launch? Guaranteed.

It’s all possible with courage, connection, and collaboration, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Guaranteed Goals Community. 

Join now and crush every single one of your goals for just $1 a day.

Stack the odds in your favor all year long…

There are a lot of reasons why goals fail, but they all boil down to these 3 things…

→ An abundance of fear.

→ A disconnection from desire.

→ A lack of community.

Imposter syndrome? Perfectionism? Procrastination? Those are fears. 

Boredom? Lack of motivation? Discouragement? That’s disconnection from desire. 

Missing accountability? Inconsistent effort? Lack of follow through? That happens when you don’t have community. 

All of that ends TODAY. 

I designed the Guaranteed Goals Community to make bravery your default mode, keep you dialed in to what motivates you, and to make accountability accessible so that progress feels easy and consistent. 

No goal is off-limits. No goal is too big. 

Whatever you’re dreaming about, let’s finish it together.

In the third grade, I knew I wanted to be a writer...

I didn’t admit that to myself until I was 34. Why did I wait 25 years? Why delay a quarter century?

Why do any of us put off the things we love the most?

Life got busy.

Bills got chatty.

And fear crowded out hope.

But deep down, I always knew I was a writer. 

Just like you know you’re an entrepreneur, an author, a leader, a CEO, a photographer, or a million other things. 

I love being a writer. I love helping other people do more of what they love too. It’s an awesome feeling to wake up every morning and do what I love. 

I want you to experience that too. 

Don’t wait to pursue your dream. 

Don’t put off what you love for another day. 

Let’s make it happen together. 

 – Jon